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Spring Order Allocation Deadline Coming Soon

Greetings all,

We hope you’re having a great Fall season! Thanksgiving is coming soon. That means it’s time to get your turkeys and hams while they last and get your Spring booking requests in so they can meet our order allocation deadline. We will do a final inventory update and then lock the availability after Thanksgiving. It will not be updated again until allocation is complete. You can use the Price List for B&B. Please note that items marked “Sold Out” will not be entered in allocation.

Orders received after December 1st will be put in queue after allocation. Orders pre-booked to ship in early December will proceed as normal.

Allocation usually takes about two weeks to resolve and update in our system. We send out allocated orders before Christmas. If you don’t want to allow substitutions please note that on your order. Otherwise we offer size subs, B&B for cans, cans for B&B, and similar varieties where available in order to maximize your order.

We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Holidays!

And, as always, our Availability is updated on the website daily. All orders, order changes or quote requests should be sent to Everything related to shipping should be sent to

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