I want to thank our customers, congratulate our crews, and extend our appreciation to our vendors and brokers for helping us set our “GREATEST OF ALL TIME” shipping month in March, 2017!


The Smart-Tree* Revolution!

We are on the leading edge of a worldwide revolution in the Green Industry: Introducing Smart-Trees* by Botanico – “The Plant People”

Smart-Trees* are solar powered with hundreds, even thousands of efficient solar panels that provide 100% of the tree’s photosynthetic energy. These energy panels are naturally renewable making Smart-Trees* environmentally sustainable. Smart-Trees* are produced right here in America from nature’s own nanotechnology. Botany is real science!

More importantly, Smart-Trees* are 100% environmentally friendly. They create cleaner air, cleaner soil, and prevent erosion giving us cleaner water.

But wait, there’s more! Smart-Trees* are not only environmentally friendly, they add value, artistry, shade, and beauty to every landscape. Be a part of the Smart-Tree* revolution!  Botanico – your Smart-Tree* source.


^^^^^^^^^^^^Plant People^^^^^^^^^^^^^

*Smart-Trees is not copyrighted or trademarked.

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Through this award we honor our mission to provide voice to the unheralded small businesses that are the foundation of our communities and to find and promote excellence wherever we find it.


Hall of Fame

Congratulations to our very own Bob Flanders for being inducted into the Hall of Fame this week! His fingers may bleed green, and his heart may pump orange, but his blood runs Botanico Blue!

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We are "The Plant People"